Shaolin kung-fu provides practical self-defense training as well as rigorous physical condition. Students improve their flexibiltiy, balance and reflexes through a regimen of stretching, basic drills, open fist, weapon and animal forms.

Basic skill drills consist of the punches, stances and kicks that form the foundation of shaolin kung-fu. Authentic Shaolin forms are taught to all students : Xiao Hong Quan, Zue Fong Broadsword, Lohan Quan,Eagle Boxing, Nine Sectional Whip,...

Emphasis is placed upon students learning the practical application of basic skills and forms in potentially threatening situations. The progress of each student is reviewed periodically to determine which skills he or she needs to improve.

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- Former Shaolin Monk Zhang LiPeng

shaolin kung fu and tai chi seminar hosted in belgium from 26 & 27 november 2005